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Here’s an inside shot from my copy of ‘Print Isn’t Dead’.

I originally got it via their Kickstarter campaign, back in April. It’s a brand new publication, whose core ethos is to showcase some amazing designers and illustrators, along with their work.

Also, as they reached their stretch goal, they used the amazing Neon Pantone 805C, which looks totally awesome on the cover and on some of the articles.


Soho, UK - July 2014.


I got given this sweet bottle of Gin as a leaving gift from the guys at my old day/ night job.

It feels weird to no longer have to work full-time at night whilst spending the rest of my free time studying, working out and saving. It was pretty exhausting, but its so nice to be out the other side now.

The next step for me is to find something that’s more me, attending more courses, talks and naturally, shooting as much as possible when I’m off to do a bit more traveling.

After that, I’ll see where I’d like to live next. STOKED!


Brighton, UK - July 2014.


Just received my copy of the first issue of Taint Magazine.

It’s a London based publication exploring a mixture of art and politics. The theme for this one is Gender.

I originally got my copy by backing their Kickstarter campaign back in June.

The cover itself is made of a really nice material and each page and article is really interesting and is accompanied by some amazing photography.


Chessington, UK - June 2014.


Alice - June 2014.


Chessington, UK - June 2014.


London, UK - July 2014.


South Chessington, UK - June 2014.


This is a lighting and custom backdrop test that I shot with my friend Ronnie.


On the side of my current commissions and projects, I’ve recently started making lots of tasty jams and preserves too!


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