Wandering Journal

A daily photo blog - Hikaru Funnell, UK

Alice - June 2014.


Chessington, UK - June 2014.


London, UK - July 2014.


South Chessington, UK - June 2014.


This is a lighting and custom backdrop test that I shot with my friend Ronnie.


On the side of my current commissions and projects, I’ve recently started making lots of tasty jams and preserves too!


Berlin Tempelhof, Germany - May 2014


Taken from my Knolling series, where I showcase items that naturally come together in groups and pairs.

More of these to come over the next few months.


After getting back from Longboarding in Berlin during May, I decided to put together a board again.

It’s got a really light Cartel deck, super soft Ricta Cloud wheels, tasty Royal trucks and some really fast ABEC 9 Rush bearings.

It’s such a smooth and fast board, so it’s been great for cruising. I’ll definitely be bringing it to Barcelona and Berlin in August/ September!


This is from the new section on my website, called 35mm.

Its full of a bunch of my 35mm shots taken with all my favourite film and camera combos!

I’ll be adding more to it pretty frequently too!


Here is my current light Summer EDC [Every Day Carry].

The book changes from time to time, but no matter what, I always have these on me.


This was taken after skating a massive series of hills, just off of Karl-Marx Straße, Berlin May 2014


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