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Over the last three months I’ve made a major lifestyle change and gone towards a much cleaner diet, and in the process, lost 25lbs. WHAT?


Today has been so nice, that naturally, it’s been sponsored by iced coffee, books and using up the last of my test rolls of film in my new/ old cameras.


This Jurassic Pug tee from Veronica Fever is possibly the cutest and most awesome bit of apparel I have ever owned!


I’ve just updated my portfolio:

Its got a new, tighter look. Including a new and simplified logo, new photos and a lovely new section with some of my travel photos.

There’s going to be a ton of cool updates coming over the year, so keep an eye out!


Just treated myself to a pair of these beautiful Adidas sneakers.


I’ve been minimizing my possessions and taking some time to think about what I actually need as I chase a clutter free life. Even after getting rid of my PS3 and DSi, this will be staying with me!


After my month long trip to Berlin last year, I’ve had a really reflective and introspective last three months filled with lots of personal goals. I’m looking forward to what’s next and keeping motivated for the busy year ahead!


All round great guy Ryan, of A Strangely Isolated Place has just produced his first physical record with the help of his Indiegogo campaign.

The exclusive track selection was made possible with his wealth of musically accomplished friends, coupled with the mastering, which is in its own right, is absolutely beautiful!


Working at night and spending all my time studying, running and shooting is pretty killer.. Still, its all good fun!


After receiving them in the mail last week, these 100 Days of Cards have been really great for keeping me on my squat and press up routines.

Samuel Kang, the creator of them, originally made these to change some of his own habits, and now has a great blog filled with other peoples uses of them too!


I’m really not one for Valentines day or any other type of commercial holiday… However, this was a nice surprise to receive in the mail earlier!


Buying myself a Traktor Z1 can only mean one thing.. I’ll be putting together a few podcasts in line with Spring and Summer!

In the mean time, here’s some mixes I did way back when!


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